East Lake Advisory Board and West Florida Flames Extend Agreement!

East Lake Advisory Board and West Florida Flames Extend Agreement!

East Lake Advisory Board and West Florida Flames Extend Agreement!

The West Florida Flames are pleased to announce that the East Lake Advisory Board has extended it's commitment to the West Florida Flames beyond the current one-year term of the agreement to provide soccer services to the East Lake community.


Two months ago a unanimous vote of the Advisory Board granted West Florida Flames a user agreement to provide soccer services for the upcoming 2017-18 season. Now the term of that agreement has been extended beyond the coming season and into the future.


This extension brings stability and allows West Florida Flames to move forward with launching a TOP soccer program at the East Lake campus. This program is designed to meet the needs of children and young adults that have intellectual or physical disabilities. Our goal is to enable these young athletes with disabilities to become valued and successful members of the West Florida Flames soccer family. Community leaders, local educators, and club officials will collaborate in this worthy effort under the full support of the East Lake Advisory Board.


The extension also allows West Florida Flames to move forward with a substantial monetary investment in an upgrade of the concession stand at the East Lake fields.


"I continue to believe in the product West Florida Flames offers to the local and nearby communities at Eastlake. I remain committed to the club and look forward to the long term future" said Matt Algate, the AGC for West Florida Flames East Lake campus.


"I'm thrilled with this news! This extension allows us to settle in for the long haul at Eastlake and provide the quality of soccer services that the East Lake community deserves" said Jim Harte, Academy and Recreational Soccer Director at West Florida Flames Eastlake campus.


Since the user agreement was granted two months ago West Florida Flames have been hard at work.


A highly successful spring soccer season concluded on May 13 that included more than 500 players.


Competitive soccer tryouts are ongoing for the coming season with many families already signed up to play with West Florida Flames. The West Florida Flames have added several outstanding coaches that offer a wealth of knowledge and experience to the competitive staff.


Summer camp season is gearing up. There will be four weeks of camp at East Lake conducted by Flames.